Sidite celebrated the New Year

January 26, following the end of the annual meetings, another important meeting was concluded. 

The celebration started with stirring music. All members of the company took part and did their job in preparing the gathering. 

First, 20 outstanding employees were rewarded with flowers, prizes and medals. Annual performance champion was awarded with not only medals and flowers, but also automotive which pushed the meeting to a climax. 

The following was team show. Four teams revealed their unique features one by one and showed their momentum. At last, the Foreign Trade team stood out and acquired the first prize. 

After the team show, the atmosphere of the meeting was ignited by the wrestling between Project Department and Foreign Trade Department. The team members signed their names on the promise paper ,believing that they would achieve more in 2013. 

All the departments showed their performance on the gathering, including songs, dancing, comedy, male show, etc. You can’t imagine the perfection of the performance. 

During the banquet, sweepstake and cultural programs were conducted.

With all members of Sidite gathered at the celebration raising their cups together, we hope that in the next year, Sidite can move further in the solar energy sector Gathering.