Solar Flat Plate

Solar Flat Plate

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The absorber material of SDT3.0-L Series has copper and aluminum with blue selective coating.They are laser welded and have different frame style, dimensions and thickness for option

1. Glazing
Low iron tempered textured glass is used to maximize the solar radiation available and minimize energy emittance. It is extremely strong and hail resistant.
2. Absorber Plate
The FS-FP3.0-D/E/F Series flat plate solar collector are made  by high-efficient blue selective absorber with different dimensions and welding technologies.
Yearly energy yields(Stotten, Germany):
Blue Selective 555 kWh/㎡
3. Risers
Designed for either water or propylene glycol, the 22mm & 25mm diameter headers and 10mm risers conform to international standards.
4. Insulation
Fiber glass is used to insulate the base of the collector to minimize
heat loss. It has 30mm to 50mm thickness for option and has a thermal
conductivity <0.048W/(m.K).
5. Casing
The back plate is constructed with galvanized steel and the frame is extruded with anodized aluminum alloy to provide good corrosion  resistance and light handling capbilities.